Julia Malone is an International Designer and Consultant who infuses conscious design approaches into custom Architecture Design and Community Master Planning to elevate and inspire experiences of harmony and wellbeing.  Julia has spent the last 15 years deeply immersed into and pioneering emerging knowledge and ancient yet still relevant processes in Health, Wellness and Retreat/Healing sectors and is now combining her knowledge and experience from these areas into her 20 year Architecture practice.  Drawing upon the counter part of Ayurveda, Sthapatya Veda is the most ancient and complete science and system of knowledge that involves humans and their connection to the buildings in which they live and work. Sthapatya Veda is considered to be in alignment with Natural Law, being the origin, as well as a comprehensive understanding of trending systems of knowledge such as Feng Shui, LEED and WELL Building Standards. To which in many cases go hand-in-glove. 

Julia studied Architecture at the University of Toronto, CAD & Technical Studies from Humber College, Design at George Brown, Vedic Architecture at MERU, Health and wellbeing in building practices from IWBI, sustainability practices from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). 

Julia has designed homes, coastal luxury vacation homes, wellness centers, integrative medicine clinics, temples, off-grid cabins, and communities.