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Design development PHASE




During the Design Development phase,  the design is advanced significantly based on the floor plan and exterior concept approved in the previous phase; the Schematic Design phase. This drawing set will be a more detailed set of drawings that communicates the overall layout and volume of the building or space, all significant equipment, and the type of material or finish for every surface of the project.  With this information, the project budget, schedule and all building plans are finalized.

This phase is usually when you as the client feel the project coming to life. By the end of the Design Development phase, the building exterior will be more fully designed, the interior layout completed, dimensions of all spaces finalized, code compliances are set and confirmed and most materials selected. 


The priority of this phase is to define and develop all the key aspects of the project to be constructed and produce a set of drawings and outline specification to show potential contractors for preliminary cost estimating. Issues often come to light in this phase and adjustments may be necessary to bring the project scope in-line with the budget, or the budget in-line with the scope, or a bit of both. By the end of this phase these drawings can be used to apply for permits.



After adjustments aligning scope and budget are made, then specifics about the interior and exterior materials and functionality will be able to be determined. As the layout of the indoor and outdoor spaces are dialed-in the window and door placements will be refined and adjustments to the building form will be made. Project components are looked at to the smallest detail. These include, materials and finishes, furniture and equipment selection and layouts, cabinetry and custom fabrications. lighting and technology designs as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. 

A structural engineer will be engaged, and possibly consultants for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems will be added to the team depending on the complexity of the project.  

Once this phase is completed, cost consultants may be called upon to estimate construction costs based on specifications and plans before moving to the next phase.

In many cases, once construction costs are approved by you, an updated version of the DD set along with the engineering plans can be used to start the permit process.


A Set of Drawings with Dimension-rich floor plans, Comprehensive building sections, Detailed and accurate elevations, Initial specifications for the Outline Specification document.



Typically 6-12 weeks


Schematic (SD) PHASE 2


Construction Document (CD) PHASE 4


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